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Adhering to the business philosophy of providing a more comfortable working and living environment for humansProvide customers with safe, energy-saving, efficient, clean and intelligent air treatment system
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正當紅除濕系統廣泛應用于:鋰電制造行業,半導體精密電子,實驗室,食品加工,生物 制藥,化工涂裝,倉儲,博物館,圖書館,橋梁,航天軍工,造船業等。并根據客戶現場 工況設計制作。
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product principle

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The bridge-dedicated dehumidifier is a single-rotor dehumidification system equipped with a regenerative heating system, treatment fans, and regenerative fans, and is an independent and complete

The bridge-dedicated dehumidifier is applicable to the bridges with large span and steel box beam and cable bent tower structures. The body of bridge and cable bent tower is hollow inside, whose main steel support structure is exposed to air and is liable to get rusty due to long time exposure to air, thus creating hidden danger and shortening service life.

Composite Rotary Dehumidifier BRC series

Low temperature Renewable


Environmental protection has been upgraded steadily. The Ministry of ecology and environment has tak


In March 13, 2018, the State Council referred to the establishment of ...



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